Congratulations to Freddy Melero on being appointed as the Vice President of WFFSA our esteemed floral industry association! Your dedication and contributions are truly commendable. Wishing you continued success in strengthening our industry through collaboration and service.

Mariana LatorreWFFSA
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National Grassroot Flower Movement spreads to Miami by surprising teachers at Doral Academy Elementary with appreciative flower bouquets before the start of the school year

Where: Doral Academy Elementary

When: August 11, 2022, 1 p.m. EST

Details: WF&FSA will partner with local Choice Farms to bring flower arrangements to teachers who will be preparing their classrooms for the start of the new school year.

WF&FSA (Wholesale Florist & Florist Suppliers association.) launched The Flower Movement Awareness Week(August 8-14) in 2021 to promote community activism, using flowers to change mindsets and uplift feelings.

The movement will highlight the outreach efforts of WF&FSA members, such as bringing floral design workshops to community centers; donating flowers and arrangements to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices; and working with local groups to build neighborhood gardens.

“Flower Movement Awareness Week is a concentrated effort where not only those that work within the floral industry can come together but anyone who understands the positive impact flowers make can help bring awareness to their healing properties,” said WF&FSA Executive Vice President Molly Alton Mullins. “Use this week as a way to support the movement by donating your time, knowledge, or resources in a way that showcases the amazing benefit of flowers.”


Choice Farms is excited to participate in the flower movement and give back to our community by surprising the teachers at Doral Elementary Academy with beautiful flower arrangements to celebrate the school year.  

Teachers are real-life superheroes; they inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. So, we felt it was right to show them they are appreciated. 

Choice Farms, Doral Florida is an importer and distributor of the world’s finest flowers.



popdevteamNational Grassroot Flower Movement spreads to Miami by surprising teachers at Doral Academy Elementary with appreciative flower bouquets before the start of the school year
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2022 Floral Distribution Conference (FDC)

Save the Date | Miami, Florida | March 7-9, 2022

WF&FSA is excited to be back in Miami for the 2022 Floral Distribution Conference. With NEW networking opportunities and plenty of time to connect and discuss business with your floral industry colleagues, this year is sure to spark innovative ideas to help move the industry forward.

Please note attendance at FDC is member-only. Make sure you renew your dues and join us for the 2022 Conference.

Registration opens on December 7, 2021

Mariana Latorre2022 Floral Distribution Conference (FDC)
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Market News!

Over the last two months, we have seen weddings and events rise to unprecedented numbers. This is great for business! It, however, has been accompanied by a lack of product. Primarily due to weather, post-pandemic reduction of hectares at several farms. Also relevant is the purchases of large farms by mass market companies, which deflects this production out of the traditional wholesale industry. Supply, therefore, has been limited.

Wholesalers are emphasizing to their customers to think colors, not varieties specific, especially on roses. Florists have gotten the opportunity to think outside the box and get creative with what they do have available. To top it off, in the floral industry, as well as all other industries, transportation has been a major issue. More demand and less flights available, have capped the scenario for a perfect storm in the floral industry. It has been a challenging two months. At Choice Farms, we have the varieties you need. If not, we have the best substitute variety available.

According to N. P. R. News, weddings scheduled for 2022 are said to be in the 2.5 million range which is the highest since 1984!

popdevteamMarket News!
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